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“The art of photography combines technical proficiency, an eye for composition, and a fascination with – and respect for – a subject. The best photographs reveal the very best in the human condition.”Jeff Breault

For more than four decades, Jeff Breault from Wichita, Kansas has traveled the globe, capturing some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and natural phenomena in dazzling photographs. This blog will delve into the stories behind some of his most beautiful photos, and examine exactly what makes great photographs truly great.

Jeff Breault’s Travel Photography

“I have three real passions: family, photography, and travel. I’ve been extremely lucky in that each of these influences has helped me become a better business man, husband, and father. I believe that diving wholeheartedly into your passion, whether it’s photography or any other activity, will help you discover new things about yourself that will help you continually grow as a human being.” — Jeff Breault

Jeff Breault says his travel experiences have deeply informed his photographic instincts. The way he juxtaposes light and shade, and gives his subjects – from ancient ruins, to captivating modern architecture, to breathtaking natural landscapes – distinctive personalities and depth makes his photography entirely unique.

Using diverse photographic media, including digital, film, and even instant, as well as creative color composition, Jeff Breault gives his photographs of otherwise recognizable subjects an undeniably interesting and highly original texture and mood. You can see the photographer’s very personal impression of his subject while simultaneously appreciating the history and the character of the subject itself.

Jeff Breault: Exploring the World – One Photo at a Time

In this site, we will examine:

  • Photography: The Art of Photography. What makes a photograph compelling? Is it the subject itself? The artist’s treatment of the subject? Or our own experiences with (or biases about) the subject? We’ll look at the myriad factors that make certain photographs iconic.
  • Travel Destinations. Mark Twain once said that travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. We’ll discover why mindful travel is so much more important that taking a simple vacation.
  • Blog: Photography Tips. How to take wonderful pictures, whether your camera of choice is a smartphone or a digital single-lens reflex camera.
  • About: Jeff Breault. Photographer, traveler, family man – Jeff Breault from Wichita, Kansas has dedicated his life to exploring new lands and capturing their most fascinating and beautiful features.

“I don’t pretend to be one of the world’s best photographers, but I am one of the world’s most enthusiastic photographers, and I am always eager to learn and experience more. While I am eternally thankful that there are hundreds of lifetimes’ worth of subjects for me to examine and experience, I’m sorry that I’m only entitled to one!” — Jeff Breault