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Jeff Breault | 4 Best Places to Photograph in the World

Photography enthusiasts similar to Jeff Breault are always looking for spectacular travel destinations that offer diverse landscapes and interesting urban scenes. Here are some of the most stunning spots for photography hobbyists.

Valparaiso, Chile

“I’ve always been fascinated and enchanted by this port city. Anyone who’s seen the famous varicolored buildings speckling the hillside near the ocean can’t help but want to visit this rainbow region. From the street art to the crystal blue coastline, there’s no part of the city that doesn’t beg to be photographed.”Jeff Breault

Valparaiso a fantastic region for lovers of great food, great music, and great literature (one of Pablo Neruda’s most beloved homes was in Valparaiso). But if you enjoy exploring winding streets with rich history infused in every brick, you may find Valparaiso, Chile an ideal travel destination.

Petra, Jordan

“Nature photographers like me are fascinated by Petra, the city that was carved into the side of Jebel al-Madhbah mountain, since it’s one of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even if there weren’t stunning columned buildings carved out of the rock face, the mountains alone would still be spectacular photo subjects.”Jeff Breault

The city of Petra is both a natural wonder and a jaw-dropping work of ancient art and architecture. The Treasury and the Monastery carved in the mountains along the Siq canyon were only revealed to Westerners in 1812, though the carvings are more than 2,000 years old. The relic is also known as “The Rose Red City” due to the pink hue of the sandstone, but it can appear brick red and deep orange, depending upon the light.

Stavanger, Norway

“Stavanger is an incredibly charming city. It is simultaneously sophisticated and cozy, full of brightly colored and tidy wooden houses and shops along cobblestone streets. Of course, the most popular attraction for outdoorsy travelers is Pulpit Rock, which was used in the most recent ‘Mission Impossible’ film.”Jeff Breault

Pulpit Rock may be the most popular Stavanger attraction, but the region is rich with scenic vistas, with its exquisite beaches and fjords. Daredevils may even visit Kjeragbolten boulder – a rock suspended nearly one-half of a mile in the air between a crevasse in Kjerag mountain. If you’re looking for a more urban experience, visit the somewhat surrealistic and colorful playground outside the Norwegian Petroleum Museum.

South Island, New Zealand

“South Island landscapes are nothing short of breathtaking. This is an especially interesting destination for photographers who enjoy starlight photography – the Dark Sky Reserve at Aoraki/Mt. Cook offers awesome views of the night sky from the country’s highest peak. Since the region has restricted light pollution, it’s one of the best spots to admire celestial phenomena.”Jeff Breault

In South Island, both amateur and professional travel photographers have an abundance of natural subjects to explore and capture. The national parks and island sanctuaries are percolating with wildlife, glorious mountain views, and sparkling bodies of water. The city offers the Christchurch Street Art Trail, featuring some of the world’s most vibrant and innovative street art.