Wichita, Kansas

Jeff Breault | About

“I’m extremely lucky that I’ve had the opportunity to pursue my many passions through travel and photography. I hope that my photographs will inspire people to explore the world around them, and appreciate the beauty and complexity of their natural environment at home and abroad.”Jeff Breault

From the moment he picked up his first Polaroid SX-70 camera, Jeff Breault from Wichita, Kansas was obsessed with photography. As an adult, he may have upgraded his photographic equipment, but his dedication, curiosity, and wonder remain the same.

Jeff Breault is a passionate travel photographer from Wichita, Kansas, always hoping to catch an exquisite moment – the way the light is reflected across a crystalline body of water, or the colors of a dense forest glade – with his DLSR camera. After more than four decades of globe trotting, he has countless images in his collection, all uniquely his, and all representing the world’s most beguiling natural expanses, architecture, and cities.

An enthusiastic and semi-intrepid world traveler, Jeff Breault has explored and enjoyed many exotic global destinations, and has captured every one of them in his vibrant and expansive photographs. This blog will revisit the travel destinations in the photographs, examine the photographic processes, and explore the subjects themselves in depth.

“You don’t necessarily have to hop on a plane to Sri Lanka or some distant land to be an excellent travel photographer – you just have to try to see your own neighborhood though a different set of eyes. Once you do, you can start to appreciate the nuances that make every environment special, and try to capture them with your camera. I truly believe that there is no such thing as a great photograph where the photographer didn’t have a sense of wonder.”Jeff Breault