Wichita, Kansas

Jeff Breault | Photography

“No one ever picked up a guitar and played like Jimi Hendrix their first time – and no one ever picked up a pro camera and took a gallery-worthy shot their first time. There’s a learning curve, and you have to know your equipment basics before your artistry can be fully developed.”Jeff Breault

Jeff Breault from Wichita, Kansas says that while modern digital cameras are far more intuitive and user-friendly than their film counterparts from a few decades ago, photography – well composed, heartfelt photography that sparks curiosity and emotional investment in its subjects – is nonetheless a complex art form.

While good photography can come in many forms and feature a diverse array of subjects, every truly great photograph will have the following elements:

  • A visually intriguing subject.
  • Good lighting.
  • Clear POV
  • Precise composition.

Whether you realize it or not, Jeff Breault from Wichita, Kansas says, every great photograph you’ve ever seen had all of the above features. However, don’t take the seemingly intangible, yet essential, creative element for granted. While technical proficiency will have been a factor in producing a high-quality photograph, the photographer’s creativity and artistry will have significantly informed his or her employment of photographic technique. For example, the reason a beautiful photograph of an apple catches your eye isn’t because apples are inherently visual marvels – it’s because the photographer used his or her skills, technique, and ingenuity to photographically highlight specific visual components that resulted in an arresting image.

Jeff Breault says the continual improvement in smartphone camera quality has helped amateur photographers capture lovely, spontaneous shots, but learning how to compose a photograph and manipulate light will make the difference between a serviceable photograph and a beautiful one. This blog will explore how amateur photographers can cultivate the skills necessary to take wonderful photographs, anywhere, at any time!

“Digital photography is great because you can take a huge volume of pictures for free – not like the old days when you had to buy roll after roll of film. Keep shooting every day, and soon you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.”Jeff Breault